Sunday, 29 March 2015

Make the most of your 4 days on Fraser Island this Easter.


The great 4 day getaway. 

Many families flock to the beach,  many of them head to Fraser Island. Kingfisher Bay Resort even puts on extra barges for the weekend for those heading to World Heritage Fraser Island. 

It will be close quarters camping on the Eastern Beach, but it's a big island and there'll be plenty of peaceful places if you look hard enough. 

Our top tips for enjoying some peace over Easter on Fraser Island.

1. Get there early. 

Try to arrive at your site and 'stake your claim' before Good Friday. Don't be crazy with putting out tarps, accept that you will have neighbours but get yourself setup before the others have even left home. 

2. Chillax, keep Good Friday good.

Early afternoon low tides make for lazy mornings and afternoons of trouble free, wide open beaches once you are setup but the big high tide at around 7am on Friday might make for some frayed tempers and heated engines as hundreds of 4x4s and campers make their way up from Hook Point. If you are coming up the beach, you may just want to want until low tide (you really should, it's better for you, your car and the Island). Those coming across from Wangoolba Creek or Kingfisher Bay will have a different set of challenges if there is no rain this week, but fun challenges. 

3. Plan your stay. 

Lake McKenzie is really popular, and has limited parking. If you get there, and it's full, get over it and go somewhere else. Please only park in the provided spaces. 
Plan to see the Lake early in the morning, or better still, late in the afternoon. Sunset at Lake McKenzie is something special. If it is busy then you should...

4. Go somewhere different.

Screen Cap from the Hema 4wd Maps App
 Try the Southern Lakes Drive, it has some 'challenging' sections and takes you through 20+ kms of diverse ecosystems. Take your time and enjoy Lakes Birrabeen (our favourite) and Boomanjin. 
Further north there are a couple of lesser known lakes that are well worth a visit. Lake Garawongera, out behind Happy Valley is a gem and the road from it to Poyungan Valley is worth a drive for the more adventurous. Likewise, finding your way to Lake Allom is a rewarding experience. 

5. Buy an Ice cream. 

Stop in at Fraser Island Retreat, The Cathedrals or Orchid Beach and buy a hot pie, or cold treat. Why not, are you in a hurry to get somewhere?

6. The Chocolate Croissants. 

In their own category are the Eurong Bakery Chocolate Croissants. Just get one. Or two.
Eurong has something for everyone, try the Chocolate Croissants or visit the Beach Bar.

7. Keep your cool. 

We know that everyone should slow down on the beach when it's busy, it would also be great if drivers indicated their intentions and fishermen didn't park on the hard sand when there isn't much to be had. But you know what? Some just don't, or won't. 'There is no driving environment more dynamic than the beach'. Slow down, be aware, take a deep breath and drive to care for your precious cargo, despite what others are doing.

This is the good type of peak hour.

8. Take care of your kids. 

We love our dingos, we hate it every time our Island and our dingos make the news for the wrong reasons. Please, please, please keep your food locked away and your kids close. 

9. Make a list of places to bring your friends back too. 

You know the ones. The ones with all the gear and no idea.Go home and tell them what a great place Fraser Island is. Maybe you could send them to an expert to help boost their confidence first. 
The Australian Offroad Academy runs courses 3-4 times every month from our exclusive training centre at Kingfisher Bay Resort, or private courses on demand. 
Your friends could even make their case into day 1 of your next Fraser Island holiday together.

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